Africa Safari Destinations: Know this Before Planning Your Trip

What You Need to Know Before Planning Your Safari to Africa

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Safari to Africa: Know this Before Planning Your Trip

Africa is a beautiful continent. From the people, breath-taking landscapes, and conducive weather conditions, it makes a worthwhile visit for any tourist. Africa is made up of countries that have different cultural and religious beliefs. The economic standards and political setups also vary from one state to another. Some African countries such as Kenya are well advanced technologically with above-average infrastructure.

There are 54 countries in Africa, each country with its own rich culture. Consequently, it is not possible to exhaust the entire continent in one visit. It would take you close to half a year to experience the entire continent. Even this way, you will still rush through the African safari and might not be able to absorb all that Africa has to offer. 

For a better experience, choose one country at a time then spend enough time exploring what it has to offer. It is a common practice to get visitors to combine two countries in one trip. In most cases, visitors exhaust one country then plan another trip to a second country.

When planning your African travel, there are a few things that will determine your itinerary. Here are a few:

Your Tastes and Preferences

Most people plan a safari to Africa to experience the culture and see the wildlife. The big five, which are the lion, buffalo, cheetah, elephant, and rhino, are a big attraction. Africa receives thousands of visitors each year because of its wildlife. The best places for wildlife tourism include East and South Africa. Therefore having an idea of what you want to do in Africa will greatly determine your itinerary. If you would want to experience the African culture, Masai land is an excellent start while the coastal beaches of Mombasa offer the much-needed sun and tan.

Your budget

You can experience an African wildlife safari or generally an African Safari without having to bend your finances too much. Your budget will determine whether you will use public transport, chauffeured limousines, or just ordinary tour vans. In addition, it will determine whether you will have a private tour guide or whether you will have to share with a few other tourists. Whether you use public or private means, the experiences are all worthwhile. 

In addition, your budget will determine the type of accommodation and meals to be planned for you. You can choose to stay in a five or three-star hotel. Services in most three-star hotels and above is excellent. Most importantly, your budget will determine the duration of your Africa safari. When choosing the country you want to visit, here are tips to help you make a worthy choice.

Who are You Traveling With

Are you planning to travel alone, with friends, kids, pets, or the elderly? Will you have anyone who needs special medical attention or is physically challenged. Before drawing the itinerary, it’s important to consider the needs of everyone on board then organize accordingly. If you will have elderly people traveling along, they may need special care including their diet, comfortable vehicles, clothes, and medical supplies. When you have a tour agent organizing the safari for you, it gets easier because they can organize everything you need on the ground.

Weather Conditions

Some parts of Africa get muddy, flooded, and impassable during heavy rains. It may also not be possible to view the animals because they may be in hiding during heavy rains. Sunny conditions may be ideal because most animals are up and about in search of water, pasture, and prey. If you plan to spend time on the beaches, although sunny conditions are ideal for that longed-for tan, any other weather is also good.

It is also good to prepare for the expected weather conditions. If you will be staying in sunny areas, light clothing will be ideal. For colder regions such as central Kenya, heavier clothes may be necessary. Carry enough jackets, warm trousers, and impermeable shoes. Also, note that some vehicles are ideal for rough muddy and uneven terrain. Ask the tour guide or tour agent for guidance.

For a fulfilling vacation, it is important to have enough time to plan the itinerary. Consult widely and carry out research. As much as possible, understand the country you want to travel to. If you want to carry out an east African safari, study all the countries involved then decide whether you will sample all of them or visit a particular one. As you will notice, one tour operator can be able to arrange a safari in East Africa to all the countries you are interested in.

Understating the tour country or region prepares you for the trip. You are less likely to suffer from culture shock or inadequately prepare for the weather and unexpected expenditure. For instance, some African regions may be very warm and pleasing in the morning but experience heavy thunderstorms in the late afternoons. For such, you may need light clothing but carry with you heavy jackets and raincoats to wear later on. Apart from Africa wildlife safaris and beach safaris, here are other safaris you may want to try.

Cultural Tours

African culture is diverse and quite interesting. For instance, in Kenya, there are over 40 different tribes all of which have there cultural practices and beliefs.

Masai culture is well preserved making it one of the most sort after in the world. Visiting their homes commonly known as manyattas, trying their meals and just spending time with them is very rewarding and enlightening. You get to taste the best meat not forgetting wearing their beads, shukas, and akara shoes.

Missionary Trips

If you are thinking of ways you can give back to the beautiful continent, missionary tours are ideal. It is best done with like-minded people or family members. You need to understand the mission of the trip then pinpoint a location or people you want to help or work with. For instance, church members can organize a missionary trip to African churches or communities to share the word of God and at the same time help materially.

A great plan ensures that you have all measures in place including the required documents. You do not have to worry about anything because you will have all you need in place.

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