Tanzania Safari Tips

Tanzania Safari Tips

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Make a List

About a week or so before the trip, make a list of items you don’t want to forget. It’s easiest to have a travel list saved in Google Doc so as to access it online and edit it as needed.

Make Copies of Important Documents

Take photos of the passport and driver licenses and keep them in Google Docs and in files on your phone. You just never know when you need a backup.

Plan for the weather forecast to be wrong

Be sure to bring some extra items for weather conditions you don’t expect.


Get into the habit of using sunscreen. Use it daily, regardless of the weather. You will likely be walking a lot more than you think, and even if the sun isn’t literally shining, you can get sunburned. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your hands and arms as well as your neck, chest, and ears, and don’t forget to reapply. Take a small lightweight container of sunscreen with you in the bag.

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