Watamu Beach

Watamu Beach

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Watamu Beach

Watamu beach is located 105 kilometers (66 miles) from Mombasa in the north and only 15 kilometers (9 miles) south of Malindi on the eastern coast of Kenya. It is rated the third-best beach in Africa, for its crystal clear water and blinding white sand beaches. It has magnificent views and fantastic temperatures. It is known for its unique, relaxed and laid back way of life. Watamu welcomes visitors seeking to explore and enjoy the wonders that it has to offer.

The region is protected as part of the Watamu National Marine Park.

Watamu Marine National Park is one of the three marine national parks existing in Kenya. The other two are Malindi Marine National Park, next to Watamu, and Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park situated off Wasin Island, Shimoni near Tanzania border 83 kilometers (52 Miles) south of Mombasa.

The dividing line between Malindi and Watamu Marine National Parks is very thin and both are treated as one.
A visit in a glass-bottomed boat over the coral gardens is a highlight of a holiday to Watamu and in deed to any beach in Kenya.

The best time for holiday is during the low tide when the visibility to the seabed is so clear. This float is an unforgettable experience, brilliantly coloured bizarre shaped fishes, sea urchins, hued sea slugs, crabs and star-fish. If you decide to do snorkelling, it is far much thrilling than to watch through glass-bottomed boat.

Where to Eat

There are several restaurants and hotels with amazing food.

Papa Remo on Papa Remo Beach has freshly caught fish from which they create amazing pasta dishes, authentic Italian pizza and incredible cocktails.

The Crab Shack on Mida Creek is a must-do for their crab samosas and a cool beer watching the sunset over the lagoon. They do great but expensive seafood dishes and you can eat freshly caught crab in the most romantic settings.

In Watamu, you swim, eat, drink and lie in the sun.

Watamu Beach is home to the larger resorts, the best resorts are in Turtle Bay. There is the child-friendly Turtle Bay Resort, upscale Hemmingway’s Watamu, the Ocean Sports Resort and the elegant Medina Palms.

Whether it’s a family holiday, a romantic getaway or a wild coastal adventure, Watamu is the ideal place.

Watamu makes an excellent base from which to explore the nearby Gede Ruins, Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve and the mangrove-fringed waterways of Mida Creek.


Whale Island at the entrance of Mida Creek is the nesting place for roseate tern and bridle tern between June and September. Shore birds are common along the beaches especially sanderlings, curlew sandpipers, little stints, whimbrel, greenshanks, great sand plover, grey plover and lesser sand plover.

Watamu Beach is a perfect place to relax after visiting iconic safari destinations such as the Masai MaraAmboseli or even Tsavo National Park. Browse our recommended tours and safaris or contact us and we will tailor-make a personalized safari itinerary for you.

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